Amber K


I was bit by the boxing bug in April. I started boxing here on Fridays (Happy Hour Special, $10, 7:00 pm), and was also going to a Muay Thai gym nearby on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After about two months, I decided to stick with City of Angels, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The instructors here are awesome… Seriously, awesome! They really care about their students and they take the time to correct your form and teach you the art of boxing. They don’t allow you to flail your arms around mindlessly and hurt yourself. Alex is HILARIOUS and his classes are always engaging and rewarding. He expects the very best from his students, so if you half ass it, be prepared to be called out. Dawn will work the living hell out of you with her conditioning drills. Her classes are challenging and you always feel like a million bucks when you’re done. Sometimes, they have Robert sub classes and he’s a beast. If you take his class, I hope you like cardio and kicking high knees. Nasser is one of the private boxing coaches. My sessions with him are one of the highlights of my week. He’s tough, he’ll push you to your limit, and he never lets you quit on yourself. From my individual sessions with him, I’ve seen improvement in a lot of different areas… form, technique, stamina… I can’t say enough great things about this guy and how he’s helping me get tougher and smarter. Eddie is another instructor at the gym that coaches the amateur team. I haven’t had any experience working with him, but I’ve heard from other students that he’s a great trainer as well.

Jesse, who works in the office, is such a sweet and funny person! She makes everyone feel right at home since day one of walking into the gym and getting wrapped for the first time.

The people that you’ll be boxing with in the class are really terrific too. It’s an awesome environment. There aren’t any egos, and I haven’t come across any douche-bags here. Everyone is there to work their ass off and enjoy every minute of it. Even the minutes that we’re sprawled out on the floor trying to catch our breath.

I can’t imagine a gym better than this. This REALLY IS the best boxing gym in LA! I LOVE THIS PLACE!