Nathaniel C


I clearly am not an avid Yelp reviewer. I’m still firmly in the camp that it’s a little sociopathic to photograph the food you’re about to devour for all to see. But greatness deserves to be recognized.

Five stars: City of Angels Boxing is really that good. For the past few years, and especially since turning 30, I’ve been seeking out a workout routine that fits my life. I’m an outdoorsy person and love to hike, but I’ve needed something that can get my blood moving in the regular in the city, when I don’t have time to drive to Joshua Tree or Big Sur. City of Angels is that for me. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week, no matter how brutally hard the classes can be. The teachers are all supremely motivational, as is the pulsing, fresh hip hop that blasts from the front.

CoA is a community in the best possible sense: friendly faces, positive encouragement, welcome adjustments when my stance is off. After a few months, I feel my body changing and tightening, which is only more incentive for me to keep coming back. I know that fitness is a very personal journey, but I’m glad that mine will be taking place inside these hallowed walls in DTLA.