Alex Brenes, Instructor

has 21 years of experience in boxing, 10 years as an amateur and 11 years as a pro boxer and has been teaching his classes to male and female clients of all ages for over 14 years and has decided to open City of Angels Boxing to continue to cater to his loyal clients.  During his years of training, fighting and teaching he has gained an enormous amount of knowledge through experimentation with several training programs and working with numerous boxing experts, including his professional boxing trainer Luis Lagerman, former head trainer of Angelo Dundee.  This knowledge has helped him to formulate a system in which he creates exercise classes for all levels of fitness and athletic goals.

Through the many years of teaching boxing classes he has helped thousands of people with conditioning for other sports (amateur and professional athletes), weight loss and to find fun in fitness.  He has coached participants in charity boxing events and helped clients realize their dreams of fighting in amateur events. He has been featured by several networks including ESPN, TELEMUNDO, FOX LATINO, UNIVISION and Fox Sports Network. Miami New Times newspaper once chose him as Fighter of the Year. He continues to share his love of boxing by enhancing the health and lives of those he meets.  Among other feats, Alex won the Florida Golden Gloves title and was a member of the Costa Rican pre-Olympic boxing team.