City of Angels Boxing

Carl M

I joined in December and it has been an awesome month. Dawn, Alex and Jesse are awesome folks and are extremely welcoming, creating that family vibe. Alex and Dawn are amazing instructors with great music tastes as well! Each class you get something different a high energy atmosphere and great training on technique and over all fitness. Come check it out “mother truckers”!

City of Angels Boxing

Stephanie V

Oh where do I start?! This place is amazing! Alex consistently kicks my ass!

I remember the first time I walked in here I was so intimidated but Alex and his wife welcomed me immediately. The other members are very friendly and supportive and you can’t help but feel you are among friends when you’re here. The classes are great and Alex is hilarious. This is a true workout and you’ll gradually notice you’re getting stronger over time. You’ll be sore the first few times but you’ll walk out with a smile and a sense of satisfaction every time.

The place itself is super cool. It’s a warehouse decorated with the most interesting wall art. Parking is not a hassle like most places in Downtown LA.

In the words of Alex… “This is not your momma’s gym!”

City of Angels Boxing

Erik C

I remember meeting Alex back in ’11 when I tried boxing for the first time with my sister at the DELABBC on Melrose.

I thought to myself, “This guy is nuts!”

3 years later and I can safely say that this statement still holds true. But in a very good way. He is quite a character with an awesome sense of humor.

This is one hell of a boxing gym. There is no other place in LA where you can go to get a great workout. You leave each class smiling but also feeling like you are going to pass out or throw up, because it is just that intense. Oh, the wonderful irony! The next morning you definitely feel it! Be prepared to call in sick for work or spend the whole day in bed.

The people and staff are very welcoming and it is a very comfortable environment for beginners who are just learning how to box.

I took Dawn’s class for the first time the other night. I didn’t get a chance to meet her back when the gym was at Barracuda. All I can say is don’t be fooled by her good looks! She is quite intimidating and will kick your ass! She knows how to throw out some sweet combos.

Both Alex and Dawn are amazing. If you are looking for the best boxing gym in LA, you found it. It’s here. Be prepared to go home crying like a little baby…..

City of Angels Boxing

Robin R

BEST, BEST BEST boxing gym around. If your looking for a great, serious workout without the hype of a fancy over priced gym, this is for you. (…) Beware, it is addictive! Bring an extra shirt with you because you will walk out of there drenched.

City of Angels Boxing

Nelson C

They call boxing the sweet science and City Of Angels is the prime scientific lab in Los Angeles for this gentleman’s sport! If what you want are results, energy and satisfaction come here to have your expectations surpassed. Alex puts on a finely calculated clinic of boxing fundamentals to ensure that you’re making the best of your very affordable investment. The gym is a symphony of visual stimulation from the beautiful urban art to the well thought out lay out, where you will find the finest training equipment and, most of all, CLEAN!!! Every class is different, so you will not be doing the same boring routine over and over again, like at many other gyms. Furthermore, Dawn’s circuit training is an intense. high interval training session that will leave you feeling a champion! Since I began, I’ve lost 20lbs and my physical abilities are getting faster, more technical and more powerful. I strongly urge you to test yourself and your limits and check out City Of Angels Boxing… There are people there with many different physical, fitness and health goals and this type of training will give results, which at the end of the day, is what a great investment gives in return! Come by and train with us! #WeAreCityOfAngels!

City of Angels Boxing

Kelsey G

This Boxing gym and team has literally changed my life and mind-set. I have never been able to stick to a work out plan but the Energy and Motivation in this place is overwhelming! I have been going consecutively for a month now and in such a short time, I already can’t imagine my life with out it!

Jesse is welcoming and warm which made me feel I was joining a family from the start.
Alex’s classes challenge me and have shown me true perseverance. It feels great! He teaches real form and doesn’t settle for less. Whether your in there to fight or just get fit – he will not cut any corners in teaching the true art of boxing.

Not to mention, it has helped channel my anger and anxiety – after an hour with Alex – anything that was bothering me from the day – suddenly is a non-factor. Dawn is great too and inspires woman to get tough and work hard!

My body is also changing rapidly -which is a definite bonus as well! I feel myself getting tighter in all the right places and its so rewarding. City Of Angels Boxing has hands down saved my life!

You must check it out!!!

City of Angels Boxing

Yuval S

Hands down the best boxing experience. If you want to get in shape, box better, or what ever you are looking for regarding your fitness goals… Alex delivers. You will love it.

City of Angels Boxing

Anne P

I have been wanting to write a review for City of Angels Boxing for a long time. Hands down my favorite workout in LA. I followed Alex over from delabarracuda and the new place is even better! Alex and Jesse are amazing. Free parking and a one hour killer workout with the best instructor ever. Can’t recommend this enough!

Alex is fantastic. He is just one of those people who was born to teach. You can tell that he loves what he is doing and really cares about his students. He will push you to be your very best. The classes are a lot of fun, music is great and the location is just too cool.

City of Angels Boxing

Mischa A

Hands down, the BEST boxing gym in L.A.! I’ve been going to Alex since my DeLaBBC days on Melrose, and when he opened up City of Angels Boxing, I followed.

I was never a ‘let’s workout’ type, but after my first class with Alex, I wanted to throw up and do it all over again. Not joking. His high energy classes definitely work you out on every part of your body and you definitely feel it. The good thing is that it’s effective because 1. You feel stronger and 2. You see results.

Alex is a phenomenal instructor who really motivates and pushes you to do your best. This is why I drive to downtown just to take one of his classes. Oh, and his gym is siiiick. Again, siiiick. I feel like I’m Mischa Pacquiao whenever I’m there since it’s surrounded by not only punching bags, but also an actual ring.

The gym is great, Alex is great and I can right uppercut like a mutha now.

If you really want to learn how to box and get into shape, I highly suggest coming here. I’ve been to other places and it does not compare. As Alex would say, “This isn’t Crunch! Let’s GO!”

City of Angels Boxing

Silly G

Price is right, location is awesome, Alex and his wife are fun, inviting, supportive. They set you up with wraps and gloves and everything needed as a beginner.

The classes are hard but not in that scary ‘yell-at-you-when-you-feel-like-dying’ way. Alex helps with form, guides you through with positivity and tonnnns of energy, but still pushes you to do YOUR best. I am a small-ish woman and was not intimidated – class was a pretty even split of men and women, serious and beginners.

I’m going back!

City of Angels Boxing

Annette G

Great gym….GREAT CLASSES…….
The workout is hard, but fun at the same time. Alex is always changing things to make the class challenging. I love spending my lunch break at City of Angels Boxing!!!!!!!! Try it once and you will be hooked!

City of Angels Boxing

Cara C

Alex is a character. He kicked my ass. Seriously.

I’ve sat on said ass for about 2 years dealing with the not so fun of law school. Before this, the very same ass used to have a personal trainer and part of what we did was boxing. LOVED IT. Then you find that all the life you have ever been able to muster is sucked out of your soul the second you open just one law book. True. You give up most of your will to live and your will to work out.

(…) This place is stupid cool. Urban decay (in the best way humanly possible) all over the place. It has so much character! I loved all the street art everywhere. It makes the gym look cool and makes you look cool by association. Again, true.

Plus they have pink gloves–for you hello kitty types. I don’t judge.

The workout = outstanding! I almost died from cardiac arrest or some other “your out of shape” ailment, but I made it to the end–with a lot of wimping out involved, of course. But I didn’t die so we’re good. Plus he has cool music playing–stuff you can grab energy from. If you need a rest, you can stand there and move every other beat. It doesn’t go unnoticed though. Alex pushes you, but makes sure that you leave alive. Bonus points for that. However, every molecule of my body hurts today. My finger tips even got a workout. It hurts to type. Not kidding. Attesting to just how out of shape I am and just how good the boxing was. Nothing the hot tub can’t fix. 🙂

The people boxing there were not douchey at all. In fact, they were awesome nice. Try to get that from Golds. Not gonna happen.

City of Angels Boxing

Karen H

I just finished my first boxing class (ever!) with Alex and it was amazing. Granted, halfway through, I felt like just collapsing on the floor and not moving. But I was able to (kind of) finish up. 🙂

Anyways, enough about me! Alex is amazing- he’s energetic and funny. He actually walks around and helps people with their form.

I love the feel of the gym- it’s in a warehouse and it just looks so cool, and parking is free! It’s actually away from the bustle of downtown, and there’s really cool graffiti art (which is a plus for me!) … Definitely come check it out!

City of Angels Boxing

Victor M

My wife and I received a deal to join City of Angels Boxing gym from Living Social for a couple of classes. When our deal expired, we signed up to join as regular members. So many great things about this gym. Every class is different. There are no boring same old routines. Alex and Dawn are hands on and push you till you can’t go any further, then they push more. Other classes in other gyms just want your money. This gym cares about you and your results. There reputation depends on it. Which is also why the customer service from this family run gym (Jess, Alex and Jag) are awesome!!!!!

City of Angels Boxing

Kenna R

There’s just somethin’ about this dude. He’s motivating without hand holding. He’s a smartass without being a jerk. He’s got a fun way of delivering a serious workout. Alex allows you to see the transformative nature of boxing, both mentally and physically–it’s hard to have low self esteem when you’ve mastered a mean right hook. He plays music that’s loud and offensive and I love it!! This is the perfect place for explicit DMX tracks, it makes complete sense when you’re pummeling that bag. You will not hear Single Ladies in Alex’s class.

You get out what you put in at City of Angels. If you want to learn what the pros do you can get it, if you just want to fitness box you can get that too. If you want to pose…go for it, but nobody will be standing around watching.

City of Angels Boxing

Martin W

A friend of mine introduced me to City Of Angels boxing a couple weeks back and I really love it. I go there once a week to get my final work out for the week (I normally go to the Equinox in WeHo and also do some Pilates) and it is always intense. The people are super friendly, the vibe is fresh out of a hip hop movie, and it is affordable. Really great crowd as well.

Definitely worth going there.

City of Angels Boxing

Jason K

Best workout in town. Alex and Dawn are pro’s at their craft and make sweating your butt off something you look forward to. They’ve built a great community of people who want to train hard and enjoy the results.

Ms. North is drop-dead gorgeous and Alex is….eh. Note to the foolish fellas, as fine as Dawn is, she will tap you out if you get too fresh.

Love these guys. Do yourself a favor and go workout with ’em. “Let’s go with the bell!”

City of Angels Boxing

Carlos F

I have tried many fitness classes in the last 20 years and by far this is the one that has given me the best results over the shortest period of time.

City of Angels Boxing

Evelyn G

I have been training with Alex Brenes for the past 14 months. Within this time I have had the pleasure of working out with a great trainer whom not only teaches a class but also does one on one training.

I have learned techniques that Alex has taken the time to show me and have improved my overall fitness during this time, I have personally seen results in my body; I have lost weight and gained muscle. Prior to exercising with Alex I had been going to a regular gym and even started doing private classes with a trainer, I did not see results and the trainer is now taking Alex’s classes, I realize now that it was a waste of time and money.

Alex is a great trainer and even thought he kicks my butt in class, he motivates me not to give up. During his time at De La Barracuda Boxing Club I saw how more and more people joined his class and kept coming. One class is all that it takes for you to get hooked!

City of Angels Boxing

Isaac L

Alex Brenes is a terrific instructor and motivator, with an infinite wealth of knowledge of both boxing and fitness. His passion for the sport is matched only by his genuine care for the well-being of his students. I consider Alex a coach and a friend.

City of Angels Boxing

Ernest M

I began to train with Alex last year around October of 2011. What an impact he has made in my life. I began weighing 320 lbs, high blood pressure and back problems. With his encouragement and tough love I have now lost over sixty pounds and working toward my next 60 lbs. I recently went to the doctor and my blood pressure is normal. My issues with my back have gone away and I have gained a new friendship.

City of Angels Boxing

Marcela M

I am writing a grateful testimony of a person with the name of Alex “The Costa Rican Warrior” Brenes who has turned my world right side up when it was on its way nowhere. While training with Alex it is more what I have gained than what I have lost. I have lost about 10lbs but have gained muscle and have toned considerably. But I have gained a sense of belonging while training with Alex. My husband and I have bonded as a couple through Alex’s instruction and have found the joy of exercise together. We are looking forward to the new Gym and have a long list of friends waiting in the wings to start their own journeys. Thank you Alex for your “get it done” attitude and for not allowing us to give up on ourselves. Here’s to big things to come!!!!

City of Angels Boxing

Nasser N

I have been practicing boxing for the last 5 years with Alex. I have been in the best shape of my life due to Alex’s classes.

I usually go 4 times a week sometimes I take 2 classes a day. The thing about Alex’s class is the way he teaches them, he always has a good sense of humor and good spirit, very dedicated to teaching the right way of using your punches or the way you should stand. I like the way he divides the class in between using the punching bag and then we do some hardcore cardio like push ups, legs, sit ups. He is the best boxing instructor I ever worked out with.

City of Angels Boxing

Giselea R

Hi my name is Gisela Rivera and I have been training with Alex Brenes for over a year now and the results are Amazing!! Not only have I toned my body, but I feel great, with more energy! I love my new appreciation for boxers and the conditioning they go through. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking for a trainer that will get you the results you want!!

City of Angels Boxing

Harold R

To tell you the truth, working out and being trained by Alex Brenes has given me confidence, after losing 23 pounds I realized I can do anything through hard work. It ignited something inside that I thought was dead. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you for every beating that my body took, it gave me speed, stamina and strength like I had never experienced before. God bless Alex Brenes.

City of Angels Boxing

Robert Y

Since I have started working out and taking Alex’s Boxing classes, I have noticed a gradual change in my physique. I have noticed more definition on my arms, legs and stomach. Taking these classes has helped me become more active and alert. Even though I was not trying to be a boxer these training classes taught me better defense techniques and the proper way to throw a powerful punch. Alex encourages me to push myself to maximize my full potential while training. With my full dedication and Alex’s help I will be on my way to having a more fit and healthier life. I suggest anyone looking to get fit and healthier to try Alex’s boxing classes, you will not be disappointed. Thanks Alex.

City of Angels Boxing

Neal B

I have been going to fitness clubs for years and always struggled to find the motivation to go.  Now, thanks to Alex Brenes, I have finally found a fitness class that I actually look forward to.  He brings an enthusiasm and excitement to the workout that actually makes it fun, not to mention the best workout you’ll find anywhere!