City of Angels Boxing

Kara W

Things I love about City of Angels Boxing: challenging workouts; super nice staff; easy parking; good vibes all around. I immediately felt comfortable – Alex is hilarious and very welcoming – and was impressed with the variety of students and offerings. I have brought fellow female coworkers and my boyfriend and everyone loves it. I can’t recommend this place enough and you have nothing to lose with the first class being free. I was hooked and immediately bought a pack of 10 classes.

City of Angels Boxing

Kev R

I got addicted to this gym after my first class. Alex and Jessi are awesome! I love alex and zacs classes a lot!! I havent tried Dawn’s classes yet but i will eventually. Perfect way to be in shape and get a rockin body!! Also wallet friendly (150 first month and then 100 each month and you can go do 3 class a day, everyday if you want) my muay thai/ji jitsu gym charges almost 3 times that. City of angels boxing feels like a second home!

City of Angels Boxing

Nathaniel C

I clearly am not an avid Yelp reviewer. I’m still firmly in the camp that it’s a little sociopathic to photograph the food you’re about to devour for all to see. But greatness deserves to be recognized.

Five stars: City of Angels Boxing is really that good. For the past few years, and especially since turning 30, I’ve been seeking out a workout routine that fits my life. I’m an outdoorsy person and love to hike, but I’ve needed something that can get my blood moving in the regular in the city, when I don’t have time to drive to Joshua Tree or Big Sur. City of Angels is that for me. It’s one of my favorite parts of the week, no matter how brutally hard the classes can be. The teachers are all supremely motivational, as is the pulsing, fresh hip hop that blasts from the front.

CoA is a community in the best possible sense: friendly faces, positive encouragement, welcome adjustments when my stance is off. After a few months, I feel my body changing and tightening, which is only more incentive for me to keep coming back. I know that fitness is a very personal journey, but I’m glad that mine will be taking place inside these hallowed walls in DTLA.

City of Angels Boxing

Trent F

I came here during the Happy Hour $10 special on Friday. I was happily surprised by the excellent customer service! They gave both me and my girlfriend a free first class since it was our first time at City of Angels. The class was upbeat and fun. I am planning on returning to take more classes here.

City of Angels Boxing

Candice J

City of Angels Boxing is an amazing place with great instructors and gets you into shape while having a good time! I’ve been going to CAB for a little over 5 months and have taken the classes for $150/10 classes and also been doing private training with Nasser (who is also awesome). Everyone who works there is really nice and if you don’t have a lot of experience (or none, like I did when I first started) don’t worry, the instructor will walk around during the class and help people with their form.

The first class is free to try out it’s a great place to get a great workout, everyone gets their own bag to work on and goes at their own pace.

City of Angels Boxing

Ameer E

Love the gym! It’s boxing nostalgia when you walk in. I love it!

City of Angels Boxing

Thai P

I been coming to this gym for about a month now, I haven’t worked out in 3 years and I put on 70lbs but I found city of angels, I have never been more motivated. The vibe is amazing. The class kicks your ass but it’s so worth every second of it. Thank you Alex for pushing me to try harder, this place is a life saver for me!!!!

City of Angels Boxing

Amber K

I was bit by the boxing bug in April. I started boxing here on Fridays (Happy Hour Special, $10, 7:00 pm), and was also going to a Muay Thai gym nearby on Tuesdays and Thursdays. After about two months, I decided to stick with City of Angels, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

The instructors here are awesome… Seriously, awesome! They really care about their students and they take the time to correct your form and teach you the art of boxing. They don’t allow you to flail your arms around mindlessly and hurt yourself. Alex is HILARIOUS and his classes are always engaging and rewarding. He expects the very best from his students, so if you half ass it, be prepared to be called out. Dawn will work the living hell out of you with her conditioning drills. Her classes are challenging and you always feel like a million bucks when you’re done. Sometimes, they have Robert sub classes and he’s a beast. If you take his class, I hope you like cardio and kicking high knees. Nasser is one of the private boxing coaches. My sessions with him are one of the highlights of my week. He’s tough, he’ll push you to your limit, and he never lets you quit on yourself. From my individual sessions with him, I’ve seen improvement in a lot of different areas… form, technique, stamina… I can’t say enough great things about this guy and how he’s helping me get tougher and smarter. Eddie is another instructor at the gym that coaches the amateur team. I haven’t had any experience working with him, but I’ve heard from other students that he’s a great trainer as well.

Jesse, who works in the office, is such a sweet and funny person! She makes everyone feel right at home since day one of walking into the gym and getting wrapped for the first time.

The people that you’ll be boxing with in the class are really terrific too. It’s an awesome environment. There aren’t any egos, and I haven’t come across any douche-bags here. Everyone is there to work their ass off and enjoy every minute of it. Even the minutes that we’re sprawled out on the floor trying to catch our breath.

I can’t imagine a gym better than this. This REALLY IS the best boxing gym in LA! I LOVE THIS PLACE!

City of Angels Boxing

Karen H

It’s funny how City of Angels Boxing always brings me out of my yelp dry spell.

CAB has definitely expanded since the last time I was there (almost a year and a half later… (shameful, I know))- I think there are more punching bags now. Even though there are more students in the classes now, Alex is still amazing and attentive. I love that he still takes time to walk around and help people with their form (I have a terrible stance…)

I returned to CAB a year and a half later (of slacking) and LOVED it. I honestly don’t know why I ever gave this up, but I definitely don’t plan on giving it up now! I’ve committed to unlimited monthly classes so you’ll definitely see me (dying) more frequently and consistently! 🙂

City of Angels Boxing

Crista M

I’ve trained in gyms all over the world and boxed off and on for years. This is the best workout in LA run by truly wonderful people. A gem of a place. You will be hooked!

City of Angels Boxing

Mohammad D

Great boxing gym. Alex, Jesse, and Jaguar are awesome. You go once and you’ll be hooked. AMAZIMG workout

City of Angels Boxing

Laura C

Dope spot! Fell in love with this fitness workout. Can’t wait to get my schedule set up straight so I can go back.

City of Angels Boxing

Vanessa T

WORDS cant express how you will feel after coming here…. all I can say is that .. come and check it out for yourself and its a guaranteed you will keep coming back.

Took my husband here on his birthday to torture him a bit… ALEX and JESSE were both very friendly and so is everyone there actually. Right away you feel at home and everyone makes you feel so welcome.

Already making plans to come back on sat to try a class with Dawn.

Another thing is that its hard for us to go because we have 2 young girls , so we will have to switch off and take turns going but Jesse was very accomadating. said we can bring the girls if they would sit still , which is a plus for us. Give them the IPADS and they will sit there for an hour while the hubby and I box out our stressful work week … definitely a plus!

City of Angels Boxing

David K

First off, let me say that this class has been, by far, the toughest conditioning class I have ever taken. I’ve been going twice a week for the past two months and I’ve almost vomited half way though every class.

That being said, I haven’t felt this good about myself in a very long time. I’ve noticed that my metabolism has gone up as has my general energy level. I’ve also lost more than 12 pounds since starting and the weight has stayed off even given some *ahem* cheat da… weekends.

This is a true boxing conditioning class. The range of students go from those who want only the conditioning to ones who are there to train for in-ring fighting. One thing I’ve found to be very true about this class is that if you can’t get through this class, you have no business getting into a ring.

Alex is a phenomenal coach. This man genuinely loves being there and truly gives a damn about whether you’re giving it your all or not. He runs a great family business with his wife Jesse. They love being here and it bleeds over to the class. Everyone attending is there because they want to be there.


City of Angels Boxing

Alexandra G

I had never boxed before in my life and my first class I looked at my friend and said “did you bring me to work out hell??’ My whole body was sore for a few days. I was so out of shape… and kept coming back for more. I have seen my body tone up. Boxing isn’t just for your arms, it’s a full body work out. For a full hour Alex or Dawn kick you into shape and you have a blast doing it. I love these people. I got an actual membership because I love coming here and working out with them. You will get hooked on this. You’ve been warned!

City of Angels Boxing

Angela B

THE. B E S T. I could not love this place more.

I first came with a friend who quickly made COAB his go-to workout place in LA. Not exactly a boxing person but came with an open mind. Your first class, gloves AND wraps are free… who can resist that?! It only took one class to convince me. I woke up the next morning (and every morning after class) and thought, “My… EVERYTHING hurts!”. Sometimes I’m so sore it hurts to breathe. So it made perfect sense to buy my first package right after my first class.

Awesome workouts. My schedule has worked out where I have taken classes with Alex and they are painful (I’m already punching as hard and as fast as I can), challenging, and hilarious. He is excellent. And so are the mix up of classes that rotate the targeted muscle group you will work on that day. It is a HARD core workout, but somehow the hour is so fun it flies by, you’ll be back for more. Variety of times/class offering and parking available; so great. Classes are definitely worth it and an awesome value on the unlimited monthly.

I leave encouraged every time I am at City of Angels Boxing. I get a killer workout, I’ve laughed, feel inspired to be a more confident and healthier me, and it’s a highlight of my day. I’ve found it to be tight knit community with a diverse group of people and one of LA’s finest gems.

And beyond that, I’ve gained friendships at COAB that I could not have expected, and that means the most to me. Alex and Jesse, you guys are the best.

#wearecityofangelsboxing #bestboxinggyminla #getfitnothit #weloveyoutoo 😉

City of Angels Boxing

Erin J

Walking in, hearing music playing and seeing many bags hanging… You think hmm, do I really want to do this? Well, I had to because first class is free, I’m crazy and so is my best friend. I’ve done kick boxing, but never straight up boxing. I love to be challenged when working out and get bored easily, so I thought why the hell not.

When I first get in, I signed my life away on the waiver. Haha! Alex wrapped my hands, Jesse asked me if I needed a mouth guard and as I gave her a puzzled look…she started laughing + said she was kidding!! At that moment I then knew this was going to be a home away from home. Its worth getting their monthly unlimited too!!

So class starts, you hear a digital bell and then it’s on and poppin. Music on, stretching and then into drills + abs. Omg. This $#!+ is nuts, but I fell in love with it. I will say, this week in class, Alex was buggin out and trained us like we were amateur fighters!! Haha. Even worked out with us! Everyone in class was stunned, but I was laughing and loved every bit of it. I’ve been coming 3x a week for a month and it has certainly unleashed the fighter in me. You have to keep moving in class by any means necessary, even if that means dancing.

This place is not pretentious, it’s in a warehouse, no one cares what they look like, everyone is cool and we all come for one reason… To get our rumps kicked and have a good time.

Best boxing workout in LA. Hands down.
Alex and Jesse are so awesome and great people. Looking forward to my next boxing escapade!!

City of Angels Boxing

Jessica A

Whether you choose to start or end your day with City of Angeles Boxing, you are guaranteed not to regret it! Best work out routine I’ve ever had. Boxing can seem intimidating but Alex and Jesse set you at ease and make you feel at home. This place is the real deal and I couldn’t recommend it more!! I think being able to box (properly) should be a human necessity, here’s the place to do it.

City of Angels Boxing

Jose B

First time at city of angels. Super friendly staff Alex is as cool as the other side of the pillow. He will give you a extremely good workout. Didn’t feel intimidated upon my arrival. I’m so pumped, if it wasn’t for work I would go to the evening class. Can’t wait for tomarrow. 2 thumbs up, I would give it 3 if I had another one haha. Better than any gym I’ve been to and It only felt right to sign up for a membership on the spot.

City of Angels Boxing

YutSoup Y

insane work out.
thought i was going to vomit about 5 times. pass out 3. and keel over and die twice.

“you look so happy,” is alex’s humor.

it’s punishment, it’s torture, it’s pain. and if you, like me, ain’t worked out in 7 months – you’re in for a treat… but just like my labor pains, it was all over in an hour. thank f@(#!

classes are daily from 12pm-1pm. 6pm-7pm. 7pm-8pm. and a couple at 8pm.
1st class is free!
on spring street, just after baker, just before the bridge. in a warehouse.
no b/s. down to earth/cool peeps who just wanna sweat, push, and punch it out.

bring water and a small towel. and if you have an inhaler – bring that too!!

City of Angels Boxing

Gheren V

One of my favorite places to be. A great work out of course, but an even greater experience. I know that the crew at City Of Angeles actually cares about me beyond my membership. If I don’t show up for a while they give me a call just to make sure I am ok, I truly appreciate it. A positive environment to learn the sport and challenge my self has been something great to be apart of for going on three years. I love City of Angels Boxing!

City of Angels Boxing

Janet S

City of Angels Boxing is amazing.

My first class was back in the beginning of December when I tagged along with a girlfriend who told me about the first class being free. Since then, I haven’t stopped and now make it out 4-5x/week. Going this regularly has made signing up for the monthly plan more than worth it. The best part is that I never feel like I’m dragging myself to “work out”, like I used to, to go run on a sad, little treadmill. I actually look forward to it as my time to let the good/bad/exciting parts of my day out on a punching bag…effective therapy, in other words. Every class works me super hard and my entire body has seen results. Alex apparently never has “off” days and is always on his game while Jesse, his wife, is the same, being the sweet face who always greets you on entrance. They both do an amazing job in getting to know all their members on a personal basis. Dawn, the booty bootcamp and circuit training master, is my favorite and also a beast. She’ll whip you into shape in no time. Her classes aren’t as frequent, but when I’m able to attend, it’s like a special little treat.

Lastly, the gym itself is in a graffiti’d warehouse and has a gritty, bad-ass aesthetic to it, which everyone can appreciate when working out 😉

When you do decide to try it out, just make sure to march up to Alex when you get there and ask, “Hi, I’m looking for ‘my momma’s gym.’ Is this it?”

City of Angels Boxing

Brandon E

The best boxing gym space I’ve seen in Los Angeles. Alex is hilarious! Really gets everyone going. If you want to train like a champ with having sufficient space to feel comfortable, this is the place to be. It’s a fun environment! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a great and fun workout. If you really feel like getting motivation, follow them on instagram at @cityofangelsbox they’re a great team!

City of Angels Boxing

Ameer E

Great gym! Great people and great boxing nostalgia!

City of Angels Boxing

Korrina R

Legit boxing gym! Alex is an amazing coach and really knows how to train fighters and kicks my ass conditioning. As a woman im learning self defense and getting a great workout. The staff is great too, family owned and operated which is important because they make you feel like family there. If your looking for a bad ass gym. Look no further. God will guide you to the right place in the city of angels 🙂

Great facility
great parking
Bathroom/changing room
Central location downtown
Classes available daily

City of Angels Boxing

Lee B

I love this gym! Alex and his wife are an AMAZING team! He brings it and I feel like I am in my best shape. Not only is Alex a great coach but also just a great guy. I plan on coming here for life. I just love the energy and the look of the gym as well. Also Nasser and Dawn are killing it!!!! This gym has it all. I gave it 5 stars for a reason!!!! I could go on and on and by the way this is my first yelp review but I just thought this gym was so good that I had to write a review.

City of Angels Boxing

Valerie C

this gym has not only amazing workout classes but a super friendly fun staff. you feel like you are part of a community there. I highly recommend it!

City of Angels Boxing

Dren L

So I’ve been coming to this gym since November. (…) I’ve been coming consistently, about 40+ times, and getting a sense of the different trainers when Alex is out, I honestly have no negative comments. Everyone is super friendly and caring, people are willing to share their insight and the culture is extremely laid back. It’s not a typical “old school” boxing gym like in Rocky 3 when Apollo took Rocky to his old gym, but you’ll definitely develop the eye of the tiger….get it??…and from a teaching standpoint, they take account the different levels and give you one to one instructions during classes. Alex is very friendly and his humor is right up my alley. If your looking for a great work out and want to learn how to box, this is the spot.

City of Angels Boxing

Luis C

After starting at City of Angels in August, I have found a home away from home. I went in at 300lbs with no confidence and looking for a place to work out. Now I’m 60lbs lighter and found a place where you feel right at home. Alex and Dawn are the best trainers in town. They push you and encourage you to do your best and Jesse welcomes you with open arms. Boxing may not be your cup of tea but if you are looking for a great workout and a place to have fun while you are doing it, this is the place to come.

City of Angels Boxing

Sam R

This place is amazing!!! You feel like you are family. I am always greeted with a warm welcome and Alex and Jesse are so sweet, they always offer to put your wraps on for you. (It’s the little things that make me happy)

You get an amazing work out. Dawn and Alex are incredible at their craft of boxing.

You will get a great workout, make some great friends and feel amazing afterwards. There is no reason not to join! I honestly get so pumped for the classes that I am counting down the clock until it’s time for class. Even after the work out, I feel like a million bucks. Thank you Alex, Jesse and Dawn! You guys are incredible!